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Luxuriate in an exclusive Japanese breakfast service that will leave you enchanted during your trip to Kyoto.

As you walk through the noren split-curtain, the morning light streaming through the latticework will create a quintessential Kyoto atmosphere, welcoming you to Sanga Ono Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei. The signature hassun seasonal platter and exquisite half buffet are prepared with local ingredients and delicacies from Kyoto. You can enjoy a delicious breakfast and have a pleasant start to your day.

Sanga Ono Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei

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Shinmachi Bettei Soga Ono Hassun(an assorted dish using seasonal ingredients) and Half Buffet
Adult (13 years old and over): 2,970 yen (tax included)
Children (6-12 years old): 1,800 yen (tax included)
Infant (under 5 years old): 1,000 yen (tax included)
Seats only (under 5 years old) : free of charge

A culinary masterpiece on a single plate.
Shinmachi Bettei’s Sanga Ono Hassun

Sanga Ono’s hassun offers an array of ingenious concoctions, each with its own unique twist. The seasonal platter features a variety of delicacies such as grilled fresh fish, freshly fried handmade tsumire (fish balls), steamed egg with aosa (sea lettuce) with a light and fluffy texture, and kasujiru (sake lees soup) with deep-fried rice cakes. When you arrive at your table, you will be warmly greeted with a hassun platter. Indulge yourself in a moment of joyful anticipation that awaits you for breakfast, with the eclectic assortment of flavors.

Bettei Oden Stew, infused with the succulent flavor of duck broth

Distinctive Kyoto-style ingredients such as ebi-imo (shrimp-shaped taro potato), yomogi-fu (fresh gluten cake with Japanese mugwort), and Kyoto atsu-age (deep-fried tofu) are cooked in a rich duck broth to create a unique oden. The ingredients are simmered gently for 3–4 hours, resulting in a culinary masterpiece that requires meticulous care and attention.

Graceful, exquisite Japanese delicacies

From cold to hot, we serve a wide assortment of homemade dishes that make the most of the flavors of meat, vegetables, beans, potatoes, and other ingredients. Creative and unique dishes include karaage (deep-fried chicken) with rice bran in its batter, and shira-ae (mashed tofu salad) with a touch of tea leaves. Indulge yourself in the elegant flavors of the morning.

Fluffy and glossy white rice and takikomi gohan, cooked in a traditional hagama pot

Raw Kyoto Tanba rice that is polished daily at the restaurant, is cooked in a traditional Japanese hagama rice pot to achieve moist and fluffy perfection. In addition to white rice, we also serve takikomi gohan (mixed rice) with seasonal fish and vegetables.

Western-style cuisine with a Japanese twist

We serve a selection of Western-style dishes with a subtle Japanese flair, such as tofu and white miso gratin, and simmered bacon and potatoes with a thick, starchy broth. Our original Japanese-style dressing is a perfect accompaniment to the fresh vegetable salad.

Sweets made with Japanese ingredients
—the perfect finish to a perfect breakfast

Japanese ingredients provide the perfect tender sweetness to the palate, to complete your meal. Uji matcha (green tea) and Uji hojicha (roasted green tea), wasanbon sugar (refined sugar), soymilk, uruchi rice (non-glutinous rice), and other Japanese ingredients are blended into velvety gelées, blancmange, and moist brownies.

A wonderful way to start your day, every day

Enjoy a longer, multi-night stay as a base to explore Kyoto, and satisfy your appetite each morning by choosing from our extensive selection of thirty different Japanese and Western breakfast dishes. Whether you prefer a light salad, bread, and coffee, or a full meal of freshly cooked rice and side dishes, you can enjoy a breakfast that suits your mood.

Sanga Kura Market
Complimentary Gift Voucher

Breakfast guests will receive a complimentary gift voucher to redeem at the Sanga Kura Market, a specialty store located next to the Sanga Ono Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei. Take home our original gift as a memento of your meal.

A place to enjoy Kyoto’s culinary delights and a place to stay.

Yu Tabira, Head Chef

We have prepared a versatile menu for all our guests to enjoy a wide variety of ingredients at breakfast. Our Japanese dishes are accessible to both Japanese and international guests, so I hope that you will come to visit us to enjoy the food at Sanga Ono and stay with us at Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei.

* Contents of the dishes as they appear in these images may vary depending on availability of ingredients and other factors.

361 Rokkaku-cho, Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8212


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