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The beauty of nature that spins tradition and innovation.

A traditional place with a long history for us to inherit and revitalize.Art that showcases the beauty of nature is scattered throughout the hotel, with themes such as Colors of the Trees, A View of Stones, and Rest on the Earth.

Colors of the Trees

The hotel site is the location of the former Matsuzakaya Kyoto stockroom and the Dyeing and Weaving Museum built in 1903, and the wood and patterns used in the artwork use parts of the old building as materials.The wood used is old lumber from the former Matsuzakaya Kyoto stockroom. The pattern is taken from the design of a kosode garment owned by the Dyeing and Weaving Museum. The artist weaves together history and traditional beauty in his wood carvings, creating a vibrant fusion of harmony and innovation in this prestigious contemporary art form.

A View of Stones

The capital of Kyoto, surrounded by beautiful mountains and rivers, was a crucible where people, goods, and cultures from all over Japan came together. The gathered energy is sublimated and reflected in Kyoto's streets, architecture, and gardens as a uniquely splendid atmosphere. The garden's energy-inviting splendor is characteristic of modern Kyoto, using Kamo seven stones and stones from the old Matsuzakaya building, such as a hand basin, a stone with a cup-shaped hole and arrow marks, and the foundation stone of the building, in the welcoming garden at the entrance so that visitors can feel the elegance of a garden that will be passed on to the next generation.

Rest on the Earth

A Japanese restaurant located on a historic street in Nakagyo-ku, the heart of Kyoto, overlooking an old warehouse. The white plaster exterior walls of the warehouse are echoed in the interior partitions made as thin as possible. While retaining the softness of the plaster, the frame cuts sharply through the courtyard landscape and the interior setting.

361 Rokkaku-cho, Rokkaku-sagaru, Shinmachi-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8212


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