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Enjoy a sophisticated restaurant-quality service at breakfast

Our breakfast is prepared at the widely popular restaurant “sky” in the bustling Ginza area.
Based around the concept of “healthy eating,” fresh and tasty vegetables are incorporated into all of the dishes.
Our well-balanced and very colorful menu is a delight for both the stomach and the eyes.
Enjoy the delicious flavor of fresh vegetables prepared by Sky,
where they spare no effort in bringing you the most extravagant cuisine.


Start your busy morning with a healthy and relaxing breakfast

While taking in the fantastic views, you can enjoy fresh and colorful vegetables as well as hors d’oeuvre prepared by the restaurant, selecting as many items as you like from your favorite dishes on offer. We feel this is the best way to start the day, whether heading out for work or setting off to explore the city. We hope you have a fantastic day ahead.


Restaurant sky

Telephone number
06:30~10:00(Last entry 09:30)
2,750yen (tax included)

Culinary delights nurtured by the land and sun.
The freshest vegetables packed with goodness.

Culinary delights nurtured by the land and sun. The freshest vegetables packed with goodness.

In the salad corner we offer a tower of fresh vegetables that will liven up your morning with their vivid colors. We are pleased to offer seasonal vegetables, including 6 types of organic vegetables such as paprika and cherry tomatos, straight from our farmers that we have contracts with. We make an effort to cut these in the best possible way to ensure you enjoy the vegetables are at their freshest and sweetest.

The salad buffet offers combinations of vegetables and more vegetables

We specialize in vegetables fresh from the growers. We provide 10 different and original dressings based on strong flavoured vegetables, vegetables, fruit, and seaweed. Enjoy plenty of the dressings you like on your favourite vegetables.

We also offer "Morning Curry" made with the finest ingredients.

We serve salads prepared with more than ten kinds of seasonal vegetables from first thing in the morning

We started serving "Morning Curry" after hearing a customer say, "I wish I could have a delicious curry" one morning.
We invite you to enjoy our spicy "Morning Curry", which is slowly simmered with plenty of vegetables and several spices.

Freshly baked breads, and a tantalizing dessert corner.

Freshly baked breads, and a tantalizing dessert corner.

While carbohydrates are considered nutrition for the brain, something slightly sweet is said to be especially effective for waking it up in the mornings. The dessert corner at Sky is available as part of the breakfast service. Have a fun and refreshing start to the day with some delicious and tantalizing sweets.

french toast

Popular plain bread from the 365 Nichi bakery has been used in our homemade french toast. Please enjoy our French toast with a crisp outside and a fluffy inside; a perfect balance with your preference of fresh cream, confiture, or roasted apple.

Have a relaxed morning while looking out over views of Ginza.

Have a relaxed morning while looking out over views of Ginza.

One more thing you can enjoy is the fantastic long-distance views that spread out to include Tokyo Bay, Tsukiji area and the skyscrapers of Shiodome. Forget the everyday hustle and bustle and spend a decadent morning here for a change.

Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

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