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Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro2F

Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro

  • Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro
  • Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro
  • Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro
  • Seasons of Kyushu Hakata-Ro

Taking pride in the flavors of Kyushu, where you can experience exquisite seasonal tastes. A restaurant where you can relax, look out on the park, and enjoy the delicious flavors of Kyushu while basking in the soft light of the morning, or feeling the pleasant breeze blowing through the trees at night.

Basic Information

  • 06-6446-0003

  • Breakfast

    06:30~10:00(Last entry09:30)


    11:30~14:00(Last entry13:30)


    17:30~24:00(Last entry23:30)
    *Last food order: 22:00

  • Breakfast: 52 seats
    Lunch: 65 seats
    Dinner: 61 seats

  • The whole restaurant is non-smoking


Recommended Menu


Breakfast Japanese/Western buffet 2,200 yen (tax included). Children younger than elementary school age eat free.
Colorful salads made from vegetables grown in Kyushu.
Fluffy and melty, omelets cooked right before your eyes.
Ham, salmon, etc. chilled hors-d’œuvres.


Miyazaki’s famous dish, chicken nanban meal 880 yen (Tax included)
Oita, Nakatsu’s famous dish, chicken kara-age meal 880 yen (Tax included)
Colorful Japanese meal 1,000 yen (Tax included)


Hakata motsu-nabe (for one) 1,628 yen (Tax included)
Mentaiko(pollock roe) rolled omelet 968 yen (Tax included)
※We have discontinued service of dishes cooked on charcoal.

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