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Large Public Bath

Large Public Bath


Take a soak in our large public baths while gazing upon nature at our top-floor (16F) spa. Both men’s and women’s baths are available.
Refresh your body and mind at our Garden Spa, equipped with a man-made carbonated spring.

Large Public Bath

Both a men’s spa facing the garden, and a women’s spa, with a jacuzzi, facing the inner courtyard are available.
The women’s spa is equipped with a powder room.

Large Public Bath

Large Men’s Bath

On the top Spa floor (16F) there are large public baths for both men and women where you can soak while gazing out upon nature.
The men’s spa faces the garden.

Large Public Bath

Large Women’s Bath

The women’s spa comes equipped with a jacuzzi facing the inner courtyard.
The open-air inner courtyard is a calming and beautiful space with plants growing on the walls.。
A clean, high-quality powder room is also available for use at the women’s spa.

Large Public Bath

Jacuzzi within the women’s spa.

Large Public Bath

Powder Room

Basic Information

For guest use only: Free of charge
Opening Hours
15:00~25:00 / 06:00~09:00
Available Items・Amenities

【Men’s Spa】
Shampoo・Conditioner ・Body soap・Shower cap・Hair brush・Hair dryer・Bathroom Scales・Skin lotion・Skin milk・Hair tonic
【Women’s Spa】
Shampoo・Conditioner ・Body soap・Shower cap・Hair brush・Hair dryer・Bathroom Scales・Make-up remover・Face wash,・Toner・Moisturizer

*Please bring towels and other required amenities from your room.
*The spa can get very crowded at certain times of day, thank you for your understanding.
*At peak times, we ask for guests to be considerate to each other to help relieve the congestion.

Guests can visit the public bath in the nightwear and slippers provided in their guest room.
Inebriated guests and guests with tattoos are prohibited from entering the public bath area.

We will trial the use of tattoo cover stickers for our customers using public baths.

Precautions when using the public bath

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