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A wide variety of popular Italian-style breakfasts

This breakfast is brought to you by Il Chianti, a popular Italian restaurant popular nationwide and founded in Sasazuka, Tokyo, 40 years ago.
Buffet-style dining with a wide selection of Western-style dishes, including our signature original pasta.
Enjoy a salad served with our secret original dressing, born right here in Sasazuka, Tokyo.


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Breakfast Buffet :
guests 1,980 yen (tax included)
non-guests 2,090 yen (tax included)

A breakfast rich in variety delivered
by Il Chianti

Pasta that has become synonymous with "Chianti"

Chianti's popular "Midnight Spaghetti" is a dish that was perfected through many trials when the restaurant was founded, and is also known as the first "soup pasta".
In addition, the "Greek Spaghetti" has a light yet addictive flavor, and features a rich and tender taste of clams.
Try-for-yourself style where you heat the noodles and pair them with sauce.

Grilled eggplant with cheese, house soup, arancini, and lasagna

Our grilled eggplant with cheese is an exquisite harmony of juicy eggplant and gooey cheese combined with our special sauce.
Our special sauce pairs perfectly with bread, so please enjoy them together.
We also offer a variety of other dishes such as our "house soup", "arancini", and "lasagna". Enjoy an Italian cuisine for breakfast that will make you feel full and energetic all the morning.

A special salad made using Il Chianti’s slow food philosphy;
locally sourced and traditionally made

Salad is a breakfast staple, so we want our guests to enjoy a delicious healthy salad that goes beyond the classic.
With this in mind, we use fresh vegetables, mainly "Shonan vegetables" from Kanagawa Prefecture, and are very particular about each cut and size.

Superior dressing combining
16 different ingredients

What makes our salad even more delicious is Bosco-il-chianti’s secret homemade dressing, which is highly-regarded and often referred to as unforgettable “drops of magic.” Going beyond the traditional concept of dressing in terms of deliciousness, this superior combination of 16 different ingredients is enough to make even those who normally avoid salads a fan.

Be sure to get a taster of the impact this has on the fine flavor of our locally-sourced Tokyo vegetables.

Traditional tofu from downtown Asakusa

We serve Komatsu-ya tofu, with its soft texture and pronounced soybean flavor, chilled in summer and boiled in winter.
Enjoy it together with our original dipping sauce made from a combination of spices and Komatsu-ya soy milk.

Enjoy a truly memorable breakfast.

Yoshimitsu Uetake, Head Chef

Have brilliant Tokyo morning. We are devoted to offering our guests a characteristic Il Chianti menu, which makes the most out of local production for local-consumption. Even though we are a small store, we welcome both our foreign guests to enjoy the taste of Japan, and our Japanese patrons to enjoy the warm familiar flavours of downtown. Please come and enjoy a brilliant Tokyo morning with us.

Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

3-19-7, Higashi-ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015


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