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Welcome to another Uneo Royal Museum.

The Ueno Royal Museum, surrounded by lush greenery, is a place where art and culture are fragrant.
Our hotel inherits such atmosphere, and provides another space similar to the museum.

Humming with the Sun

[Installation location: 1st floor lobby / Materials: oil on canvas, wood panel]

Created within a unique spatial world, the artist extracts silhouettes from objects' shapes and shadows by overlayering their silhouettes; sometimes in abtraction, sometimes in clear recognizable shapes. The subtle interweaving of shapes and colors gives this work charm. By incoporating sakura and ginko blooming in Ueno, as well as the contouring lines of the Ueno plateau, this piece express the joy and vitality as if Ueno's nature is singing and flourishing in the sunshine through this polyohonicrepresentation.


Aki Yamamoto

The Surface of Water

[Installation location: 1st floor lobby / Materials: painted wood]

With extraordinary woodcarving artistry, the artist creates under the theme of water, the source of life itself. Utalising the material of wood, the work captures the swaying surface of Shinobazu Pond.


Shigehito Matsuda


[Location: Guest room (Superior Twin) / Material: Wood, partially painted]

The artist uses wood to create artworks which express abstract forms perceived in the nature. This piece captures wind blowing through the lush forest in Ueno Onshi Park.


Yasuhiro Yamaguchi

Fairy hospitality

[Installation location: 1st floor lobby and inside the elevators and elevator halls on each floor / Material: bronze]

Fairies are a symbol of the forest dwellers. They are tricksters, and play a major role in the hotel, often making appearences at the reception or in the hallways, soothing guests with their hospitality. Perhaps they are even the alto egos of the hotel staff...


Mariko Saji

When they appear, fairies look like the wind to some, leaves to some, and children carrying blades of grass to others.
They are fond of humans, and curiously approach those who enter their territory, and they love giving charming hospitality.
They may imitate hotel staff, dressing up look them and welcoming guests.
However, a gentle rest is very important to them, and they take a rest every 10 minutes and a nap three times a day.
It is fun and amusing to see such creatures, and they are said to appear regularly at a certain 'hotel' in Ueno.

Good neighbors

[Installation location: Public space on the 1st floor and corridors on each floor / Material: Iron / paint]

Humans cannot live alone. By coexisting with various living things, we are are truly made alive through earth's community.In this piece the artist explores ways to coexist with 'forest dwellers' and as good neighbors to each other.


Seiji Kiriyama

The mountains of Ueno are surrounded by forests. Various creatures live there.
However, there are an abundance of 'good neighbors' who usually miss them.
Busy everyday life robs them of what they should be able to see.
But the 'good neighbors' should be looking at us leisurely. What do they think of us? Do they envy or feel sorry for us?
Let's take a break. Let's rest our hearts properly. Then we may hear the voices of the 'good neighbors' and get to know each other.
It's okay, we can return to the real world tomorrow morning ...

3-19-7, Higashi-ueno, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-0015


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