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A delicate buffet breakfast prepared with carefully selected Taiwanese ingredients and Japanese elements.
Please enjoy the special Taiwanese cuisine, JAPOLI original Italian cuisine, and comforting Japanese cuisine.

Located on the hotel’s 1st floor, the restaurant "JAPOLI" is a casual Italian bistro with a touch of Japanese style, and has in total 3 branches in Taiwan. It offers buffet breakfast service, serving special Taiwanese cuisine, JAPOLI original Italian cuisine, and authentic Japanese cuisine. You can savor a special breakfast of a combination of fresh Taiwanese ingredients and Japanese elements. Ample options for sides are available, including organic vegetable salad, bread, soup, carefully prepared curry, desserts and more.

JAPOLI pizza pasta cafe

(Last entry 10:00)
Dine time limit to 90 minutes
Buffet Breakfast
NTD660(10% service fee included)
  • *Breakfast for weekend (Saturday and Sunday) is exclusive for in-house guests only.

Getting creative,
pastured Taiwanese free-range chicken and branded black pork are presented as a Japanese cuisine.

Broiled miso Taiwanese chicken and pork

Pastured Taiwanese free-range chicken and Taiwanese brand black pork are chosen, marinated in our unique miso sauce with white miso base for one day or longer, and broiled carefully. Deliciously juicy with a gentle flavor.

Branded braised black pork rice,
A luxurious delicacy that can only be savored here.

Tender braised pork rice made with Taiwanese brand pork

“Braised Pork Rice” is a classic Taiwanese delicacy for the visitors. For people who are not fans of spices and greasy foods, we work diligently on the preparation, stewing the Taiwanese brand black pork until tender. Please add the sauce to your taste, and eat hearty after adding the final touch of a quail egg.

“Danzai Noodles”,
originally from Tainan, is fresh and light even for early mornings.

Fresh shrimp Danzai noodles in dried bonito broth (Made on-site to order)

To allow you to savor the original Tainan dish “Danzai Noodles” burden-free even in the early morning, we have exerted creativity, adding a Japanese element through the use of dried bonito kombu broth. Pour the broth boiled with shrimp shells over the al dente oil noodles, add braised meat and quail egg and it is ready to serve. (This dish is made to order)

Traditional Taiwanese-style breakfast, delicious porridge with plenty of seafood!

Taiwanese organic vegetable and seafood porridge (Made on-site to order)

Using kombu and dried bonito to make the broth, 5 kinds of seafood harvested in Taiwan like oysters, shrimps and clams are added luxuriously and stewed into porridge, allowing you to also taste the fresh organic vegetable texture in it. Additionally, you can enjoy it with Taiwanese-style “fried bread stick” as you please. (This dish is made to order)

Even during breakfast time, you will be able to savor the taste of the popular and authentic Italian restaurant.

JAPOLI special handmade Pizza, Italia

“JAPOLI” is an Italian casual bistro with Japanese style popular among a wide customers base of different age groups. It offers you delicious food also during breakfast time. Using as little additives as possible, we insist on handmaking everything from crust to sauce, demonstrating the local and original flavor of an authentic Italian restaurant.

The original Japanese cuisine with a large variety of choices, providing a reassuring feeling even during a trip.

The buffet offers a large variety of Japanese foods

Avoiding the use of premade ingredients, we provide around 10 types of handmade Japanese delicacies made with fresh Taiwanese ingredients. You can only savor such detail-oriented Japanese dishes as pickled entrées and miso soup in a Japanese-style hotel. Even when travelling and being out of home, you are able to feel reassured and relaxed.

To allow you to savor delicious with ease even while being abroad, we insist on using fresh Taiwanese ingredients and preparing the food by hand.

Kenji Inamura, Menu Supervisor

I have worked as a Japanese cuisine chef for 20 years, with 14 years of which spent in Taiwan. During this time, I was deeply attracted by the wide selection of Taiwanese food ingredients. To allow all our valued guest to fully savor the beauty of these foods, we carefully select the vegetables, meat and seafood from different places, and opt for Koshihikari rice produced in Taiwan. We prepare other food such as sauces by hand where possible, providing you with a wholesome, balanced and healthy breakfast.

* The photos are only plating samples.
The content of the meal is subject to changes based on the sourcing of ingredients.

No. 30, Sec. 3, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Da’an Dist., Taipei City, 10652


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