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Hospitality that brings together Taiwanese materials and traditional Japanese architectural style

To fully express Taiwan's rich natural environment, art pieces were installed on the hotel's exterior, interior, and throughout the hotel through a design concept of Taiwan Character x Japan Quality. It brings healing and energy to all visitors to the metropolis of Taipei.

Interior Design

Taiwan Character x Japan Quality is the design concept, and the lobby on the first floor is designed with rare Taiwanese serpentine stone. The lobby counter and the hanging garden on the 17th floor were designed to resemble the majestic mountains of Taiwan.



Effie Huang

The interior was designed by Taiwanese architect Effie Huang of EHS ARCHILAB, who has produced numerous works for hotels, residences, office buildings, and other projects. She holds a Bachelor of Architecture degree from Tunghai University, Taiwan, and a Master of Architectural Design degree from Harvard University, USA. Her work ranges from architectural design to furniture design, and her works have won numerous awards. In recent years, she has designed hotels such as the Folio Hotel Taipei Daan and Eslite Hotel.

Front Lobby

The lobby, with its 4.5-meter-high ceiling, features stone flooring commonly used in old-style Taiwanese houses, a natural stone counter reminiscent of Taiwan's mountains, and a work by Taiwanese artist Wu Chi-Tsung depicting Taiwan's natural beauty in the front room of the elevator hall. Guests can get a sense of the rich natural beauty of Taiwan.



Wu Chi Tsung

Born in 1981 in Taipei. Graduated from National Taipei University of the Arts, Department of Fine Arts. Major awards achieved include the LIU KUO SUNG Ink Painting Art Award (2019), the Polish Media Art Piennial (WRO,2013), the Taipei Art Magazine Critics and Editors Award, a nomination for the UK Prudential Eye Awards (Prudential Eye Awards, 2015), and the UK's World Art Prize (Artes Mundi, 2006).

Elevator Hall Front Room

The walls of the elevator hall front room are made using rare Taiwanese serpentine stone. Enjoy the beauty of the natural formations. In addition, a short movie, "Beautiful Taiwan," shot by the late Chi Po-lin, a renowned Taiwanese aerial photographer and documentary film director, is shown on the projector. Enjoy the great nature, culture, and cities of Taiwan through aerial photography that leaves a powerful impression.

Grace Wan

Chi Po-lin Foundation, Director

Grace Wan

The Chi Po-lin Foundation was established by his friends to preserve the precious images left by director Chi Po-lin (1964-2017), a renowned aerial photographer and documentary film director known for his film Invitation from the Sky, and to pass on his spirit of boldly pursuing his dreams.

Elevator Hall

The elevator halls on each floor feature a total of 16 original art pieces created for the hotel by Taiwanese artist Li Cheng Hsun. The artist's memory of Taiwan is represented by 16 pairs of 32 color patterns. Enjoy art pieces with a different expression on each floor.



Li Cheng Hsun

Born in 1985 and currently living in Taipei. Graduated from National Taipei Graduate School of the Arts, Faculty of Art and Design, Department of Art Creation. In 2010, he participated in GEISAI TAIWAN #2 (Taiwan) and won the Kashiwa Sato Jury Prize. Major exhibitions include Kosakuten 13th, 14th (21st Century Museum of Contemporary Art, Kanazawa) in 2011 and 2012, Taipei Art Expo (2019), and Island Flowers: Individual Exhibition of Li Cheng Hsun (South Gallery, Taiwan) in 2020.

Concept Room

To convey a sense of Taiwan Character, we offer 3 limited-edition concept rooms that express symbolic Taiwanese themes. They are popular with guests from overseas, and feature 3 themes: “Good News Retro” with beautiful scenery unfolding below, “Glad to See You Sweets,” featuring motifs of the tropical fruits that are an essential part of Taiwanese cuisine, and “My Old Home Town Nostalgic,” which recreates the atmosphere of an old-style Taiwanese town.


Concept Room Interior Design

Retsu Saito
EMOCON DESIGN Design Director

Design Director of EMOCON DESIGN, a Taipei-based design firm involved in various space design projects. He has created interior, exterior, and graphic design for a wide variety of spaces, including hotels.

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