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Be surrounded by the art and works of
textile designer Akane Moriyama.

The artist's worldview and beauty of Japanese hospitality are resonating.

The fabric art by world-renowned textile designer Akane Moriyama has been created by applying a special process of spattering aluminum on ultra-thin fabric. It is a work of art that creates depth and fluctuation by stacking several layers; its expression changes depending on the angle and the direction of light. In addition to the giant object in the center, there are a variety of art installations such as fabric tucked between laminated glass.

  • AThe extensive fabric art dynamically decorates the two-story lobby space.
  • BFablic art surrounds the lounge.
  • CElevator lobby.
  • DFabric art that obstructs the picturesque view.
  • EFabric art installation tucked between ribbed glass.

Textile designer

Studio Akane Moriyama - Akane Moriyama

The glitz and glamor of Roppongi was gently adapted into the hotel space through fabrics. The ultra-thin fabric is spattered with aluminum and layered to create an elusive depth and flicker. Depending on the angle from which you look at it and the way the light comes in, its expression will change in a thousand ways. As you watch it move slowly, you may feel as if time has slowed down a little from the outside world.

The museum is accentuated with unique art comprising of different materials, textures, and expressions.

The lobby is decorated with art motifs of Tokyo's symbols.

The tower, which has been watching the development of Tokyo since its creation, is expressed in foil art. This rare combination of traditional Japanese beauty and the symbols of Tokyo will impress guests from inside and outside the country.

Lacquerware goldfish art to escort guests in the room corridor.

It represents the history of Roppongi, which was once a goldfish farm. The glamorous and dignified adult town is represented by the bewitching and beautiful figure of a goldfish swimming elegantly. The lines were created by line drawing and expressed with foil. The art of the swimming goldfish invites guests to a private haven of peace.


"Ubushina" is the name for the craftsmanship project that t.c.k.w Inc. is developing – a group of artists who use many traditional techniques and materials, such as lacquer, foil, bamboo, Japanese paper, ceramics, and mullion. They are creating interior designs for hotels, restaurants, and various commercial facilities, including furniture and art objects.

A work of art made from shards of glass that expresses delicacy and sparkle.

High heels made from shattered glass held together, a dress created by stitching together pieces of thin plate glass, etc. – the glitz and glamor of Roppongi is expressed through glass art. Display shelves have been installed in the lounge at the back of the lobby.


Mafune Gonjo

Mafune Gonjo was born in Fukushima, Japan in 1984. She graduated from Tama Art University with a degree in glass arts and crafts in 2008 and moved to Sweden where she received her MFA from Konstfack (College of Arts, Crafts, and Design). Based in Stockholm, she has been fervently exhibiting not only in Sweden, but also in Paris, London, Prague, and the United States and even participated in artist-in-residence programs.

An illustration of an elegant goldfish swimming leisurely, located in the guest rooms.

Goldfish farming was popular in Roppongi, which was blessed with spring and groundwater during the late Edo and Meiji periods. The goldfish illustration in every guest room hints at this history. When you open the curtains at night, the lustrous and graceful forms of the goldfish may resonate with the glow of Roppongi.


Misaki Kihara

Born in 1986, Misaki Kihara, graduated from the Department of Visual Communication Design at Musashino Art University. After teaching at a preparatory school for art college exams, she worked as a freelance illustrator. Participant of MAYA "Decorative Painting Competition Vol.16" Grand Prix, Good Design Award 2017 Special Jury Award winner, ADC Award 2017 nominee, selected for "The Choice 170th", along with many solo and group exhibitions. She is also a member of TIS.

3-15-17 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo 106-0032


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