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Enjoy your morning
with a panoramic view of Roppongi and roast beef,
with a selection of main dishes and a half-buffet.

Near Tokyo Tower, BALCON Tokyo is a top-floor restaurant providing gorgeous views of the city.
Our open kitchen serves a range of main dishes to choose from, including roast beef trolley service, freshly cooked eggs, and whole wheat pancakes.
In addition we provide a half-buffet breakfast with salad, fruit, soup, cereal, and desserts.
Bask in the morning light of Tokyo and prepare for the day with our delightful selection of dishes.

楽しみになる朝食 楽しみになる朝食


Enjoy our healthy breakfast that tastes just how you like it.

We take care in selecting healthy ingredients for our breakfasts, such as eggs, rice, whole wheat flour, bread made with natural yeast, fresh vegetables and salads. We keep our use of salt and other seasonings low for healthy eating, so feel free to use the provided table salt and pepper to adjust to your tastes. We endeavor to meet the needs of our diverse group of guests, both from within Japan and from abroad, who visit Roppongi.

Chef : Atsushi Ueda



Telephone number
06:30~10:30(Last entry 10:00)
One main course & a Western "half-buffet style"
2,800yen, 3,300yen(tax included)

The eggs used for our main dishes are carefully selected to ensure high quality.

Our Signature Breakfast Set

Our Signature Breakfast Set

We prepare our eggs in three different ways. Select between skillet-fried eggs, Eggs Benedict (a poached egg with delicious hollandaise sauce), and fluffy scrambled eggs. The eggs have a notable richness, freshly sourced from Irako Farm in Aichi Prefecture.

Our fluffy pancakes are made fresh with flavorful whole wheat flour.


Healthy pancake set

These pancakes are sure to satisfy with their unique flavor and delicious texture. They also contain abundant vitamins and fiber. Choose from three flavors: plain, mixed berry, and banana & blueberry. Feel free to garnish your pancakes to your tastes with our soy cream and sugar beet syrup.

Upgrade your meal

Enjoy our soft and tender BALCON's Roast Beef, filled with luxurious umami flavor.


Morning Roast Beef

Served with our trolley service and sliced right before your eyes, this juicy and lean sirloin is perfect for breakfast, topped off with a gravy sauce that's smooth to the taste.


Truffle Roast Beef Burger

There’s exceptional harmony between our toasted Maison Kayser buns and the roast beef, accompanied by a generous amount of onions and watercress, along with truffle shavings for an enjoyable aroma.

Popular Japanese side dishes that go well together with freshly cooked rice.


Japanese Breakfast Set

This menu contains many staples of a Japanese breakfast, including grilled fish, cooked eggs, nori (dried seaweed), and pickled vegetables. The nuanced flavors of our ingredients, including Hitomebore Rice sourced from Miyagi Prefecture and shijimi clam miso soup, gradually wash over your palate.

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