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Special Japanese and Western-style buffet bringing together local flavors and carefully selected ingredients

A breakfast buffet with a menu of more than 60 dishes featuring Aichi's unique ingredients, local flavors, and carefully selected ingredients from all over Japan. We offer fresh seasonal local vegetables and eggs, bread made with natural yeast, organic olive oil, Himalayan salt, and other high quality delicacies to start a healthy day.

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Japanese-style & Western-style Buffet
2,750yen (tax included)

Basket-steamed unagimabushi (eel) with your desired condiments

We have prepared basket-steamed unagimabushi so that you can enjoy it whilst it is hot. We have prepared condiments for you to use. This includes beefsteak plant which is famous in the Aichi Prefecture.

Bringing you fresh and delicious local flavors! Seasonal vegetables grown in Aichi

We offer a plethora of 49 different fresh vegetables and dressings, including white wine vinegar, pepper, and other favorites.

Seasonal vegetable smoothie

We serve smoothies prepared using seasonal vegetables from Aichi, offering an easy way to load your body with vitamins and minerals in the morning.

Customizable combination meals

Below are only a few of the endless combinations you can enjoy with our ingredients.

Eel and egg on rice
Eel + scrambled eggs + spring onion

Nagoya-style pancakes
Mini-pancakes + sweet red bean paste + whipped cream + fruit

Kishimen curry udon
Kishimen-style udon + dashi stock + miso curry + hot spring egg + spring onion

Eggs Benedict, Caesar-style
Boiled egg + bacon + bread + Caesar dressing

Chicken over rice
Herb chicken + rice + ketchup + Caesar dressing

Carefully selected breads baked with natural yeast and fluffy rice

Doughy bread baked with natural yeast

This bread baked with natural yeast comes direct from the city of Kiryu in Gunma Prefecture, a place blessed with quality water thanks to its two crystal-clear streams. Its flavor and springy texture owes to this unique natural yeast, made with whole-grain flour and rice flour.

Haenuki from Yamagata

Yamagata Prefecture's representative rice brand. It has a refreshing taste and sheen; it's a firm grain with a crunchy texture. This rice goes well with a variety of meals.

When you think Nagoya, think ingredients to be proud of, and local flavors

Scrambled eggs with Aichi-raised eggs

Carefully selected eggs from Aichi Prefecture are scrambled into creamy scrambled eggs.

Nagoya sweets

We put a spin on your favorite breads, topping them with roughly crushed sweet bean paste and fresh cream in the style of “Ogura Toast,” a Nagoya specialty.

Kishimen, a Nagoya delicacy

Kishimen is a flat and broad noodle, the star of Nagoya's noodle dishes. These hot noodles come with your choice of fresh toppings such as dried bonito shavings, chives, and spinach.

When it comes to famous sweets from Nagoya, it’s got to be “uiro mochi”

Enjoy the original, light flavor of uiro mochi steamed rice cakes, prepared for you with meticulously selected ingredients and careful attention paid to the level of sweetness.

A sweet reward of Japanese and Western sweets

Blissful desserts

An unparalleled selection of sweet desserts awaits you, including tiramisu, non-baked cheesecake, panna cotta, fresh fruit, mini pancakes, and warabi mochi (a traditional Japanese chewy sweet).

LGG yogurt & select honey

This yogurt contains LGG lactobacillus, which is said to regulate the intestines and moisturize your skin. Enjoy it with honey, fruit sauce, etc. as you prefer.

Start your day with a generous helping of Aichi’s culinary delights

Head Chef Takashi Komatsu

Gaze out across wonderful views of Nagoya while you enjoy sampling the many delicious delights of Aichi prefecture, ranging from iconic dishes representative of the city, such as the smoothies prepared with local vegetables from Aichi. My staff and I will do our utmost to provide a level of service that ensures you have the best start to the day.

Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

4-11-27 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002


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