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Original artworks that express the spirit of Nagoya

The artworks installed in the lobby, spa, and elevator hall to the guest rooms have been produced by Studio Sawada Design, a design firm based in Aichi’s Tokoname who work all over the world. Based on themes such as the clouds and the stars, these original works are totally unique to “Premier in the Sky.” Having their own roots here in Nagoya, Studio Sawada Design were able to create art for the hotel that finds new and truly different ways of expressing Nagoya’s sense of place.。

Lobby [18F]

This work is based on the image of the sky at dusk tinted by golden clouds. It is an original piece that expresses a distinctly Nagoya-like sense of style, and represents the hotel’s central concept of being “Premier in the Sky.”

Public bath area (spa) [18F]

Here we’ve installed a work of art that expresses the image of a sea of clouds floating through the sky. Early in the day it reflects the morning sunlight, giving the room a cool feel, while at night it produces silhouettes that create a fantastical landscape. Enjoy this work of art in a variety of ways as it changes throughout the day.

Elevator hall [18F]

This work is based on the image of a limitless galaxy floating through the night sky. The studs, each of which have been hammered in by hand, change color depending on which angle you view them from, making them look like real stars and lending the piece a sense of depth.

4-11-27 Meieki, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya, Aichi 450-0002


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