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Check-in 15:00
Check-out 12:00

Hotel Security

A contactless room key that is easy to use even when carrying luggages. A key card is needed at the following locations, in addition to your room.

  • Within guest room elevators (Excluding 1F / B1)

Guest Services

Internet connection

All areas in the hotel are Wi-Fi accessible Internet connection available Wireless LAN available can be used anywhere in the hotel.


Opening Hours 16:00~26:00
Shiatsu Massage: 40minutes 5,400yen 60minutes 7,200yen 80minutes 9,600yen
Aroma treatment: 40minutes 8,400yen 60minutes 12,000yen 80minutes 16,000yen
Body Stretch: 40minutes 6,000yen 60minutes 8,700yen 80minutes 11,600yen
Oil foot: 40minutes 6,000yen 60minutes 8,700yen

Laundry service

Please complete the laundry slip, place your laundry in the laundry bag provided in your room, and bring it to the front desk. Laundry checked in before 10:00 will be returned after 5:00 on the same day. (Please check with the front desk staff regarding days this service may be unavailable)

Luggage addressed to the hotel

When sending luggage or mail addressed to the hotel, please ensure to write down the dates of your stay and the name of the guest (with furigana or as displayed on the passport)
*Precautionary note
Please understand that we cannot accept luggage or mail sent to the hotel, if the name on the luggage/mail does not match the name of guest.

Rental Items

Please contact the front desk if you would like to rent any of these items. ※Please note that these items are in limited supply.


Modern Rural Cooking: ZEN HOUSE

This “Modern Rural Cooking” is a fusion of Japanese food culture and modern cooking methods. Using ingredients sourced from all over Japan and arranged on natural dishware like wood and stone, your meals are presented in a modernistic style. In this blended atmosphere, you’ll be able to escape from the turmoil of the outside world.

6:30~10:00(Last entry 9:30)
11:00~15:00(Last entry 14:30)
17:00~22:00(Last entry 21:00)

68seats *Semi-private room available

Website for takeout orders


Three points of separation

In every guest room, the bath, toilet, and powder rooms are separated to ensure a comfortable space for the guests.

*Excluding Accessible room


The hotel does not have a parking lot. We are happy to direct you to one nearby.

*Price varies according to lot. Please contact hotel staff for more information.

Smoking Area

Smoking area is on B1.

5-11-1 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 104-0061


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