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Experience with all Five Senses Japan’s Traditional Food Culture through this Breakfast

Sanga Ono Kyoto Jokyoji is a restaurant with a strong sense of Japanese style.
It is in the “temple hotel”, a collaboration between Jokyoji Temple, which boasts over 500 years of history.
It has been featured in the Michelin Guide and is the second branch of Fukuoka’s Sanga Ono Isshuan outside of the prefecture.
Cherish the finer points of the four seasons of the year with a breakfast conveying the characteristics of Japan.



Enjoy cuisine that spares no effort in the bounties of nature.

This restaurant uses the theme of, “wanting to indulge in the seasonal flavors of historical Kyoto.” Breakfast here is incredibly nutritious, as it uses a plethora of vegetables. Enjoy these delicious handmade flavors.

Chef Akiyoshi Gonda


06:30~11:00(Last entry 10:30)
Breakfast Plate 2,000 yen (tax included)


This meal is prepared using “Shiun” as a theme. This uses the purple cloud pattern of the Jokyoji temple to bring good omens and safety in the afterlife.


Sanga Chirashi uses about 20 different seasonal vegetables.

Vinegared sushi rice uses a variety of colorful vegetables, including shiitake mushrooms and lotus root, topped with gold leaf for gorgeous purity. It is absolutely refreshing with grated kombu soy sauce as an accent.

Japanese-style Dessert Created by a Patissier

Tofu skin simmered in honey - Kyoto Houjicha Blancmange


  • Sanga Chirashi
  • Cold Soba
  • Jokyoji Bowl
  • Hassun (gomadofu, grilled fish, namafu dengaku, dashi rolls, soy sauce-boiled Japanese mustard, and three kinds of cooked rice)
  • Jokyoji Dessert


Koumyou is a word that evokes imagery of bright wishes for the future, as well as the light, wisdom, and mercy of Buddha.


Sea Bream and Tempura - enjoy rice and dashi in this chazuke.

Sea bream sashimi is topped with sesame sauce and added to a pot, along with rice, vegetables, and sea bream tempura. When the rice bowl is finished, you’ll be able to enjoy the flavors of dashi chazuke.

Japanese-style Dessert Created by a Patissier

The rich flavors of match and black sesame - Uji Matcha and Black Sesame Pudding


  • Ochazuke (mixed tempura with vegetables and sea bream)
  • Hassun (gomadofu, grilled fish, namafu dengaku, dashi rolls, soy sauce-boiled Japanese mustard, and three kinds of cooked rice)
  • Jokyoji Dessert


In Buddhist scriptures, almost blue lotus flowers are called “blue lotuses”. They symbolize virtue and sanctity.


Chef Gonda’s Specialty: Selection of Eel

An egg-bound soup of eel and great burdock is made by combining thin slices of great burdock root and combining it with egg. Or select a main dish of steamed turnips and eel, prepared with a thin starchy sauce with Kyoto’s red shiso pickles. Steaming removes the excess fat, making this eel cuisine a perfect breakfast.

Japanese-style Dessert Created by a Patissier

Enjoy the mouthfeel of warabi mochi - Mousse of Purple Unpolished Rice


  • Eel and great burdock, in egg-bound soup, or steamed turnips and eel
  • Hassun (gomadofu, grilled fish, namafu dengaku, dashi rolls, soy sauce-boiled Japanese mustard, and three kinds of cooked rice)
  • Jokyoji Dessert

Sanga Ono’s specialty flavors are all something to relish.

With a fastidious focus on ingredients and flavor, each and every meal at Sanga Ono is carefully prepared to perfection. Experience Japan’s rich food culture starting with breakfast!


Wakeful Green Tea

We offer a wakeful green tea, carefully selected from all over Japan, for you to partake before your breakfast.


Chawanmushi with Soba

The refined flavors of chawanmushi topped with the aroma and mouthfeel of soba noodles. Its accented with shredded pickled plum for a hint of sourness.


Colorful Hassun

From grilled fish and namafu dengaku to rolled dashi eggs to great burdock arimani, this meal incorporates a variety of dishes.


Grilled Fish-of-the-Day

We prepare a variety of fish, from fatty salmon grilled in the Kyoto-style, to great amberjack and Japanese-Spanish mackerel grilled in the Wakasa-style.

Unlimited Helpings of Hagama Pot-Cooked Rice


We order Kyoto’s Tanba Rice unpolished, so that we can polish it in-house every day. When cooked in a Hagama pot, it becomes soft and glossy, grain by grain. You’re welcome to help yourself to as many servings as you like.

Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

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