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Designed with Brooklyn style concepts and the warmth of wood

Located in the heart of the city, yet close to the lush greenery of the Imperial Palace, the hotel is designed with the theme of "urban oasis” as a space where guests can casually drop in and feel at ease, with artwork incorporating trees and greenery and other natural elements.


Objects featuring a tree design stand in front of the reception area for welcoming guests. The space is designed to be warm and inviting with a feeling of closeness to nature.

Lobby Lighting

The lobby ceiling lights softly illuminate the space. Vintage-inspired lights give the room a Brooklyn-inspired style.

Herringbone Signboard and Flooring

In order to fill the space with the warmth of wood, the signboard and flooring at the entrance are made of herringbone, a wood in which the grain stands out.

Bookshelf Art

A bookshelf with a blue tile design is placed by the elevator on the first floor, which leads to the guest rooms.

2-1-2 Uchi-Kanda, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, 101-0047


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