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Lineup of speciality foods from Kumamoto

Enjoy a buffet-style breakfast that offers a wide range of 25 different Japanese and Western-style dishes, as well as local cuisine from Kumamoto and speciality dishes from across the Kyushu region. We introduce seasonal menus throughout the year, sharing flavors that have been passed down over the centuries and of which we are truly proud. Please savor the rich and diverse taste of our Kumamoto breakfast.

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Breakfast Japanese-style & Western-style Buffet 1,980 Yen (tax included)

Lineup of speciality foods from Kumamoto

Dago Soup

“Dago” is Kumamoto dialect for dumpling *usually pronounced “dango”) and dago soup is a miso soup with a local Kumamoto flavor. Made with burdock, carrots, taro, pork and dago, it has the feel of a home-cooked meal.

Takana Pickles

These takana (mustard greens) pickled in salt have a distinctly hot and spicy palate.

Shinji Lotus Root

Enjoy the crisp texture and spicy taste of lotus root fried with spiced miso.

Ikinari Dumplings

These steamed sweets made from sweet potato covered with dumpling dough are popular as a snack or accompaniment to tea.

Curry/Taipien (a type of Chinese soup only found in Kumamoto)/Chicken Rice/Beef Stew

Please enjoy our different types of curry which are served daily along with different meats. We also have chicken rice, taipien, and beef stew, all of which change daily.

Salad/Western-Style Menu

Our salad corner offers a variety of fresh vegetables for you to enjoy with your favorite dressing. We also offer a wide selection of Western dishes, including bread, bacon, egg dishes, and soup.


We offer a wide variety of desserts, including Western pound cake and cheesecake, as well as Japanese sweets such as mizu-yokan (soft sweet jellied bean paste) and warabi mochi (warabiko covered or dipped in kinako).

Start your day
with a mouth-watering smile.

Head Chef Yoshihisa Yamamoto

We offer a variety of dishes to ensure that you get the best start to your day. The local foods served among these dishes are hugely popular with our guests. I’m from Kumamoto Prefecture myself, and would like to make your trip as memorable and enjoyable as possible by providing you with tasty local cuisine filled with flavors cultivated by the land and people here in Kumamoto.

* Contents of the dishes as they appear in these images may vary depending on availability of ingredients and other factors.

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