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Savour the charm of Ishikawa
and enjoy a traditional breakfast

The newly proposed Noukabanzai’s ‘Obanzai Breakfast Buffet’ uses ingredients, seasoning, food culture and traditional techniques from Kaga and Noto. Naturally we are blessed with an abundance of fresh ingredients from the sea of Japan, but you can also enjoy the fruits of Satoyama with Noto beef and Kaga vegetables. We hope that you wholly enjoy Ishikawa Prefecture from the moment you start your day.

Noukabanzai Mantei

(Last entry 10:00)
Japanese/Western-style buffet
2,530yen (tax included)

The gentle flavors of obanzai
will make your heart sing

Every day we create a selection of more than 6 different kinds of obanzai including a pickled dish using Kago vegetable kinjisou (okinawan spinach), Dutch simmered eggplant, unohara and many more. We flavor our traditional recipes in the Noukabanzai way, using local seasoning such as Ōno Naogen soy sauce and mineral-rich Noto Suzu salt.

Start your day
with a feast of local delights

Kurumabu Egg Drop Soup

Kurumabu is a baked wheat gluten rolled and shaped in a similar way to a baumkuchen. We hope you enjoy our local vegetables and the springy texture of the kurumabu as it gradually soaks up the flavor of the soup.

Kanazawa Oden

Full of local ingredients such as Akamaki kamaboko fishcake and Gensuke daikon, the Oden simmering in lightly-seasoned kombu dashi is Ishikawa’s soul food.


This masterpiece of simmered chicken and vegetables is an original creation from our Head Chef. Once popular during the reign of the Kaga clan it is now reimagined as a local Kanazawa dish.

Kaga Vegetables

Please enjoy fresh salads and obanzai made with Kanazawa’s traditional vegetables such as kinjisou (okinawan spinach), goroujima kintoki (local sweet potato), gensuke daikon, red kuri squash, and many more.

You can see the cuisine
being prepared before your eyes.

We offer pork shabu-shabu, served at its most delicious.

Masterfully cultivated
and richly flavored, Koshihikari rice

White rice is an unmissable element of the traditional Japanese breakfast. Here at Mantei we use Ishikawa’s premier Koshihikari rice cultivated by Kaga’s master rice farmer Shigenobu Higashi.

Sora Natto was created through a joint development between Kanazawa University and Kinjo Natto Foods. The soybeans, natto bacteria, and sauce used in Sora Natto are all local sourced in Ishikawa.

We also offer a Western-style breakfast
full of local Kaga vegetables

Each of our colorful salads use the same base of local Kaga vegetables with a variety of speciality dressings. We also offer a wide selection of pastry and breads, as well as breakfasts featuring the classic sausage, bacon and egg combination.

The Obanzai Breakfast Buffet makes it possible
for you to savor the blessings of Ishikawa Prefecture

Head Chef Yamamoto Masato

Please enjoy the buffet designed by Noukabanzai at our Mantei restaurant. Naturally we serve Ishikawa Prefecture’s jiwamon* and handmade obanzai (traditional Kyoto-style cuisine) using seasonally harvested ingredients from Noto’s Satoyama-Satoumi (agricultural and coastal areas). You can fully enjoy the beauty of Ishikawa Prefecture’s traditional cuisine alongside Ishikawa handicrafts such as Kutani Porcelain Ware and Yamanaka Lacquerware.

* Jiwamon is a term in Kanazawa dialect used to describe side dishes traditionally eaten at home.

* Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

1-22 Kamitsutsumi-cho, Kanazawa, Ishikawa, 920-0869


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