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Numerous works of art are displayed throughout the hotel.
Our collection features pieces reminiscent of traditional crafts, works of modern art, and works that combine both elements.
Art works by Kanazawa artists bring both a freshness and a sense of nostalgia.
Please enjoy the unique Kanazawa works throughout our hotel.

1st Floor Lobby

Heiwa No Norimono

We installed this piece in the lobby as the deer is considered to be a symbol of good fortune. We hope that this work, which embodies the message of peace, can welcome guests from across the world.

Hinoma ‘layer’

You can feel the strength and beauty of the subject matter (glass) in this minimalist form. Art and elusivity blend together as the sharp form creates both a sense of tension and security.

Kashi Oriori (Sweet Boxes)

In Kanazawa, where tea ceremony and traditional crafts prosper, Japanese sweets are also popular. A floating pattern is made from molds of Japanese sweets varnished with contemporary colors.

Niji No Kajitsu (Rainbow Fruit)

In order to evoke the sensation of travelling in rainy Kanazawa, the cross section of this sculptural pear is rainbow-colored. This work is imbued with local flavor and culture evoking a craft-like style through the five-color rainbows of Kaga, the symbol of Kanazawa pears, Japanese sweets, and mochi wrapped in sweet bean jam.

1st Floor Restaurant

Kanazawa Tortoise Shell Crest

An abstract graphic pattern is created by morphing the tsuzumi-mon crest. Combining the Kaga Yuzen style of silk printing with traditional geometric design creates a modern, yet classic pattern.​

Hito Hira Petals

“Using the light textures of linen and Japanese washi paper, this piece uses the motif of flower petals. The gorgeously decorated wall casually blends into the atmosphere of the restaurant. ”

13th Floor Bathhouse (EV Hall and Corridor)

pieces of time

Installed in the EV Hall, this work evokes fragile temporality. The charming material is created by saturating the handmade washi paper with resin, and the resulting soft light emits a sense of mystery. Using the motifs of sea, living creatures and the natural world, this work was designed to portray the beauty of everyday discoveries.

Guest Rooms
[ Junior Suite Twin ]

Yuzen Silk Printing: Scattered Flowers

This work combines contemporary elements, using digital techniques, with the traditional Kaga Yuzen motif of scattered flowers. In order to reflect the regal air of the Kaga Domain, this work has been finished with sophisticated touches of gold leaf.

Mantle Membrane: Fire

This work gives the impression of indefinability – as you move around the sculpture, the shape seems change and morph. This piece, without definable shape, is part of a series designed to reflect the appearance of living things. The sculpture has been fired in the blasting air of a Kamado kiln.

Guest Rooms
[ Other Guest Rooms ]

The Modality of Passing Light

The installations in Superior Twin Rooms carry the motif of the flow of water and air. The wave patterns on the surface of the artwork reflect the constant changes of light. The subtleties of the wave-like surface change the passage of light depending on the viewing angle. The guest rooms are designed with the five colors of Kaga in mind.

Flower Motif

Installed in Triple Rooms, these works reflect a classic flower design and the rays of the setting sun. These images utilise two types of picture framing: red gradation, and gold Mizuhiki – a traditional decorative cord made from paper. The expressive twists and turns of the Mizukuhiki evoke a playful joy, yet the vivid background mounts (representing the five colors of Kaga) exude an impressive elegance.

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