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Our gallery rooms are themed “Grove of the Shrine” (Past), “Water” (Present), and “Light” (Future).


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Hishida Yuichiro

One of our featured monuments represents “Time”. As you gaze at this twisted loop of rusty rebar, you’ll get a sense of the passage of time. This piece stands as a symbol of our gallery room, “Grove of the Shrine”. The coiled metal is similar to a tree’s bark. The recycled rebar was once used in construction and contains the memories of its former building.


Hongo Yoshiya

This tangible piece is dedicated to “Light”. It utilizes the dull luster of aluminum to project memories of place and atmosphere. The work combines the inseparable aspects of “Light” and “Shadow”. Through this amalgam of “Light” and “Shadow”, you could say that “Light” represents the future, “Shadow” the past, and the main body of the work stands for the present.

The Recollection of Silence and Light

Iwasaki Hirosumi

This production blends the themes of “Time” and “Light”. The rusted texture of the piece will give you a sense of time and the work’s shadows make “Light” tangible. The artwork is a single unit, but also combines a bit of improv using recycled wood from a restaurant as its pedestal.

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Jingu Pool - green wall


A conceptual artwork showcasing the rubble from an original shrine pool. When the hotel was constructed, the pool was disassembled. Today, the pieces sandwich a line of glass to increase the contrast of roughness between the two. It serves as a way to experience the accumulated memories of what once was.


Our concepts of “Grove of the Shrine”, “Water”, and “Light” are combined in these pieces displayed throughout the premises.

  • ARing lighting that pours "Light" into the lobby
  • BA figurative work that reflects "Light" and "Shadow"
  • CA vessel containing the incessant downpour of “Light”.
  • DCatch a glimpse of the past. The display inside our elevator fuses the modern and past outer gardens of Meiji Shrine, as well as the history of the shrine pool.
  • EA wood object reminiscent of "Grove of the Shrine"
  • AAn exhibition of objects that match the overall concept
  • BA display featuring a motif symbolizing the outer gardens of Meiji Shrine, “Ginkgo”
  • CA display featuring the motif of “Water”
  • DA large bath installation that brings you closer to the history of the swimming area in the outer gardens of Meiji Shrine.
  • EThe presentation of a vessel exhibiting “Time” and “Water” using oxidized copper and shining tin. / Artwork featuring the theme of “Grove of the Shrine”


A glimpse at the art in our guest rooms.

  • AA display of photographs featuring scenery of “Water” and “Light” from the outskirts of Meiji Jingu. The work features shards of memory from our “Grove of the Shrine” theme.
  • BA display of "Ginkgo" and "Memory" imprisoned
  • CA stone plate with a diagram of our shrine pool at the time of completion
  • DPieces with the gentle texture of wood
  • EArtwork featuring the theme of “Light”

11-3, Kasumigaoka-machi, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo 160-0013


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