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Elegant breakfast in the sky that will fill your heart

Enjoy breakfast on the upper floors overlooking the sky and sea of the waterfront city of Yokohama Minato Mirai. We offer a buffet of Japanese, Western, and Chinese dishes centered on modern Italian cuisine with the theme of the one and only French toast, as well as meals centered around Kanagawa Prefecture's local ingredients.


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Guests 2,970yen(tax included)
Visitor 3,190 yen(tax included)

Blissful premium French toast made right in front of you.

The brioche is rich in milk and butter and was developed especially for this French toast. The rich cream and high-class "Akane Bijin" eggs the bread is soaked in gives it a luxurious taste. Please enjoy it freshly made.

Evolta Brulee French Toast

The custard cream is covered with the aroma of rich dark rum, and the surface is baked with French cassonade (cane sugar) to make it aromatic. It melts like a crème brûlée and is a taste that can only be found here.

The “Local Production for Local Consumption" Menu: a menu packed full of Kanagawa Prefecture ingredients

We offer a variety of breakfast items made from the finest seafood, meats, fresh vegetables, and other appealing ingredients that are unique to Kanagawa Prefecture. We offer a monthly changing menu that includes seasonal vegetables with a fresh flavor and side dishes made from Kanagawa vegetables, selected by the chef himself after visiting the farms. The deliciousness of the vegetables is highlighted in these seasonal delicacies.

Pasta with Shonan Shirasu and Hamanako Nori

Shonan shirasu (baby sardines) from Sagami Bay, certified as a "Kanagawa Brand," is combined with Casalecce, a short pasta from southern Italy. The addition of fresh laver from Lake Hamana makes this an original pasta full of the aroma of the sea.

Grilled homemade ham, sausage, bacon, etc.

Home-made roast pork with a mellow aroma is made from "Kanagawa Dream Pork," which is known for its original pork flavor and sweet fatty meat. It is marinated in mineral-rich Sicilian natural sun-dried sea salt "Cirrefino" and vacuum-cooked until it is moist and tender.

Mixed salad made with Kanagawa "Hadano vegetables”

Hydroponically grown with Hadano's famous water and LED light, our pesticide-free Hadano vegetables have a rich flavor and tender leaves. Sunny lettuce, red-leaved chicory, and red and green crispy lettuce are available in a mixed salad.

A wide variety of bread baked in the store

We offer a variety of sweet breads such as butter croissant, olive chapata, apple chausson, chocolate palmier, and doughnuts. Please enjoy our crispy, savory, freshly baked breads.

Enjoy our desserts & drinks pairings

We always have a lineup of 4 to 5 kinds of sweets, such as classic chocolate cake and roll cakes. Please relax after dinner with your favorite drink, such as Evolta's original coffee or Soejimaen's green tea.

Western buffet to fill your body in the morning

From standard ham, sausage, and egg dishes to hamburgers and french fries popular with children, we offer a variety of Western-style dishes that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Please enjoy them with colorful vegetables.

Yokohama Chinese Cusine & Japanese Cuisine with Japanese essense

Enjoy our freshly cooked rice and miso soup, grilled fish, simmered dishes, and other rice accompaniments. We have carefully selected these dishes so that both Japanese and foreign customers can become familiar with Japanese taste. Don't forget to try the flavors of Yokohama, home of Chinatown, such as mapo-dofu and shao mai.

A well balanced meal with lots of variety. We always continue to research and strive to offer the best to our guests.

Our master chef: TAKAMI, Hiroshi

We take great pride in our breakfast, one of the "faces of the hotel," limited to only our staying guests. Spend the morning enjoying our delicious meals and heartfelt hospitality unique to the restaurant at our Minato Mirai location.

Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

3-3-3 Minato Mirai, Nishi-ku, Yokohama City, Kanagawa, 220-0012


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