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SKY & GARDEN RESORT for a stay that feels open and intellectual

Art pieces have been installed in the lobby and entrance on the top floor to create a concept of "Breath of the forest" to allow guests to relax in an extraordinary space away from the hustle and bustle of the city.Have a pleasant time viewing the art scattered throughout the hotel.


The lounge, where people come and go, features art with nature motifs, including "Connection," which symbolizes the connections in the natural world, such as butterflies gathering around a bonfire; "in the forest," which expresses light shining into a forest; and "refreshing wind," which create an image of a refreshing breeze blowing through the forest.

Connection / Metal object / Iron gray
refreshing wind / Metal object / Iron gray
in the forest / painting by Seiko Izaki

Elevator Hall

The elevator hall on the first floor leading to the entrance features "Sunlight through the Trees," which gently illuminates the forest with abundant red berries, "Water's Surface," which represents the drifting surface of the water of a lake, and "Earth's Buds," which powerfully expresses the budding of new life. The artworks invite our guests to a higher quality of comfort.

Sunlight through the Trees / painting by Shinichi Yoshitsu
Water’s Surface / wood relief by Shigehito Matsuda
Earth's Buds / wood carving by Shigehito Matsuda

2-2-6 Higashi-gotanda, Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, 141-0022


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