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Room Reservations

How many days in advance can reservations be made?
It depends on the hotel. Please ask the hotel of your choice directly.
Can you put me on the waitlist if there are no more rooms available on a desired day?
We are very sorry but we do not have a waitlist. Please check back at our website for availability updates.
How do I make reservations from overseas?
There is a reservations page on our English website. You can also call the hotel of your choice directly.
Why am I not getting a confirmation email upon making a reservation via the Internet?
Confirmation emails are always sent under normal circumstances. In the event you do not receive one, please contact the hotel as there may have been a transmission error. We will be happy to resend it to you.
Does the indicated price of the reserved room inlcude taxes and service charges?
The indicated price includes taxes. (There are no service charges.)However, a Tokyo Accommodation Tax is charged separately if you are staying with one of our hotels in Tokyo.
Can you explain about your change/cancellation policies?
How are cancellation fees charged? And how much?

Cancellation fee matrix

*The cancellation policy below does not apply to pre-payment plans on our website.
Please click 'Package Plan Details' to confirm the cancellation policy for each pre-payment plan.

Contracted Number
of Guests
Date when the Cancellation of the Contract is Notified
No show Accommodation Day 1 Day Prior to
Accommodation Day
9 Days Prior to
Accommodation Day
20 Days Prior to
Accommodation Day
Individual 1 to 14 100% 80% 20% - -
Group 15 to 99 100% 80% 20% 10% -
100 and more 100% 100% 80% 20% 10%
  • Rooms will be cancelled if not notified within two hours of scheduled arrival time.
How do I change / cancel a room reserved via computer?

You can check or cancel your reservations from "Check/cancel reservations" in the top left of our home page.

Can I pay with credit card, travel vouchers (such as KNT, etc.), or gift cards issued by credit card companies (such as JCB or UC)?
It depends on the hotel. Please ask the hotel of your choice directly.
Will you be able to accommodate special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries during the stay with birthday cakes or other surprises?
We shall make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please consult the hotel of your choice directly.
Can you tell me the in-room supplies and equipment (such as humidifier, DVD player, electric kettle and amenities) that are available to guests?
It depends on the hotel. Please refer to the "Room specifications" shown on the home page of each hotel or contact the hotel of your choice directly.
Is there a common bathing area?
Common bathing areas are availabe in our hotels in Shiodome Italia-gai, Sapporo, Sendai, PRANA Tokyo Bay, Kyoto Sanjo, Kyoto Shijo and Okayama.


Can non-staying guests use the restaurants (for breakfast, etc.)?
Are children also charged adult buffet fees when ordering breakfast?
It depends on the hotel. Please visit the home page of each hotel from our main website.
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