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Delicious Japanese food from the 'Obanzai Buffet',
where the traditions of Kyoto come alive.

In the morning, you can enjoy fresh and nutritious vegetables, eggs, and more in a healthy Obanzai meal, prepared under the supervision of a registered nutritionist. There are more than 10 items on the menu, from Kyoto-style dishes made using ingredients such as Kyoto mibuna, Kujo green onions, and Kyoto mizuna, to other familiar Japanese dishes including grilled fish and dashi egg rolls. We also offer matcha bread and sweets associated with Kyoto's tea culture. Savor and enjoy a Japanese handmade feast.

Restaurant & Guest Lounge

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Japanese-style & Western-style Buffet
2,310yen (inc. tax)

Our speciality: Japanese-style omelet with nutritious rice
and a starchy sauce made with tofu skin

Our head chef proudly serves you this fluffy, creamy, rich rice omelet, allowing you to feel the spirit of Japan.
Using 'Ryu No Tamago' eggs rich in flavor and nutrition, this omelet boasts a fluffy texture. We also use special brown blended rice and starchy sauce made with tofu skin, allowing you to appreciate its subtle taste.

Enjoy our Obanzai produced by nutritionists and rich in nutrition,
prepared with carefully-selected ingredients and seasonal vegetables.

We have various kinds of Obanzai menus prepared with seasonal ingredients, allowing you to start your day with energy thanks to its nutrients. Also, please enjoy our wide variety of healthy menu items which use matcha, known as a 'Japanese super food'.
Registered Dietitian Itsumi Maekawa

Uoman Grilled Fish

The fish grilled at "Uoman" is procured directly from fishing ports and markets all across the country by specialist buyers. Different fish are offered daily, such as Kyoto-style grilled salmon or salt-grilled mackerel.

Steamed Vegetables

Please enjoy a selection of brightly-colored steamed seasonal vegetables, rich with a delicious flavor that will warm you from the inside out.

Freshly-made creamy tofu from Hokkaido

We welcome you with our handmade tofu—it's made of rich soy milk created from natural bittern and 'Toyomasari' soy beans all the way from Hokkaido! Experience the fresh, sweet taste of the soy beans and their creamy texture. We also recommend you to try it with salted kelp, olive oil, or soy sauce with dashi (Japanese bouillon).

Monthly specialties

Each month, we offer a different dish to give you a taste of the season. Please enjoy Kyoto's obanzai.

Japanese omelet prepared by professionals

This omelet attracts many people thanks to its delicious dashi broth and carefully cooked eggs. The secret to its great flavor is its professional finish.

With perfectly subtle scents and vivid colors,
our green tea menus can be enjoyed by all the senses.

Our Green Tea menu offers a great variety of dishes, such as a chicken breast strips fried tempura-style with batter mixed up with matcha powder, a green tea soba rich in flavor, as well as many sorts of matcha sweets such as a matcha soy milk pudding, matcha and kinako warabi mochi (a chilled, chewy Mochi-like desert). Our fluffy matcha Danish (pastry) is also very popular with female guests. Enjoy Kyoto's green tea culture with our breakfast.

As well as our standard dishes,
fresh salad and bread is also available.

We also have daily menus which often include bacon, sausages, scrambled eggs, and dishes made with seasonal vegetables such as ratatouille and lasagne. 3 types of cereal and our Detox Water made with fruits will help you feel refreshed. We also serve toast, crispy on the outside and perfectly soft in the center, prepared with our steam toaster "Bulmuda".

Enjoy a breakfast brimming with vegetables,
made specially with your health in mind.

Head Chef : Hiroteru Nishio

With our concept of 'an Obanzai buffet based on Japanese cuisine', we combine the intangible cultural asset of Japanese cuisine with local specialities found in Kyoto. We offer more than 50 varieties of dish so that not only Japanese guests, but also guests from other countries can enjoy our food. Our speciality is a Japanese-style omelet with rice high in nutrition, served with a starchy sauce made with tofu skin, which is an original Obanzai dish using local ingredients and produced by nuturitionists - please make sure to try it! We are looking forward to your visit !

* Photograph is for illustrative purposes only.
Ingredients offered may change in accordance to seasonal availability and supply.

848, Higashi-Shiokojicho, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8216


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