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Delicious lineup of “born and bred”
Chiba cuisine made with locally sourced ingredients

We serve a buffet-style breakfast with a variety of Japanese and Western-style dishes, including a special lineup of “born and bred” Chiba cuisine that centers on regional specialties prepared with locally sourced produce. Be sure to experience the unique flavor of Chiba with renowned dishes such as Sardine Tsumire Dumpling Soup and Aosa Seaweed Soup.
You will discover that these items are the perfect accompaniment to our standard breakfast menu.


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Morning buffet
1,650 yen (tax included)
  • *The business details have been changed. Please see the "Important Notice" for more information.

Breakfast soups packed with local flavors that will make your body happy and healthy

Soup has long been known as the "morning antidote" and is believed to help your digestive system. Soups that are made with dashi broth along with a wide variety of natural ingredients are highly nutritious and light on the stomach, even on mornings when you have little appetite.

Sardine Tsumire Dumpling Soup (served Monday to Friday)

This soup contains a generous helping of sardine dumplings. The process of adding these to the base stock is known as “tsumi ire,” shortened to “tsumire” to create the name of this soup. Chiba is one of Japan’s prime locations for sardine, boasting some of the largest hauls in the country. Their sardine are full of calcium and Vitamin D, while being rich in vitamin B2, taurine and iron. This delicious soup contains all the nutrients needed to get your day off to the best start.

Enjoy the delicious flavor of Chiba’s bountiful vegetables.

Everyday we serve different examples of “born and bred” Chiba cuisine prepared using seasonal local vegetables. These include tasty salads, stir fry dishes, and simmered plates that combine to perfection the fresh flavors and textures of Chiba’s produce. Even the Yamasa soy sauce we use is famous in the region, manufactured nearby in Choshi. It boasts a mild flavor that is used to gently enhance the taste of our breakfast dishes.
※Each day you have a choice of three different dishes. Menu items may change according to availability of ingredients.

  • AChikuzen-ni (braised chicken and vegetables)
  • BWinter gourd served with meat sauce
  • CSimmered Japanese pumpkin
  • DHijiki seaweed salad
  • EKiribosi daikon (shredded and sun-dried Japanese radish) salad

“Chiba no Tsubu Natto”
from Miura Shoten, established 60 years ago

Natto: traditional fermented soybeans

Chiba no Tsubu Natto is something that you really must try.
Miura Shoten, which was established around 60 years ago, prepares its natto using fukuyutaka soybeans grown in Chiba. The beans are slowly simmered at a low temperature so as to draw out their gentle sweetness.

A Rich Western-Style Menu

We have a Western-Style menu which includes salads, bread, bacon, sausages, and various meat dishes.

A breakfast to welcome the start of a new day

Head Chef: Tsuyoshi Tomita

We prepare a special menu full of local specialties that introduces you to the bountiful vegetables, fresh fish and delicious ingredients produced throughout Chiba. Our healthy yet tasty breakfast is guaranteed to jump start your morning and give you the energy needed to get through the day.

* Contents of the dishes as they appear in these images may vary depending on availability of ingredients and other factors.

1-11-1 Chuo, Chuo-ku, Chiba, 260-8626


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