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Nourish your body and mind
with a Kyoto breakfast.

With our new breakfast buffet, guests can arrange their own breakfast menu personalized to their own tastes, just like you would personalize your travel plans. Nourishing soft tofu, dashi chazuke, and Kyoto-style obanzai over kinmemai rice cooked to fluffy perfection. Choose from a selection of 30 Japanese and Western-style dishes combined to suit your tastes and mood each day, including a customizable sandwich menu made with freshly baked bread and Western-style side dishes of your choice.

Kyoto Dining Mikura

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Japanese-style & Western-style Buffet
1,870Yen (tax included)

A Japanese and Western
breakfast buffet customizable
to your own tastes.

We offer "Dashi Chazuke", prepared with Kyoto's famous dashi broth. Choose from flavorful "sea dashi", made with iriko (dried sardines), and "mountain dashi", made with donko shiitake mushrooms bursting with umami flavor. Pour it over our fluffy cooked rice and enjoy it with Kyoto's unique tsukudani dishes (meat or fish simmered in soy sauce) or pickled vegetables. In addition, there are more than 10 kinds of condiments available, such as dried bonito, chopped seaweed, wasabi, mitsuba Japanese parsley, and yuzukosho (made using chilli peppers and yuzu). Choose your preferred toppings to create your own customized dashi chazuke.

There are more than 10 kinds of condiments available, such as dried bonito, chopped seaweed, wasabi, mitsuba Japanese parsley, and yuzukosho. Choose your preferred toppings to create your own customized dashi chazuke.

Healthy and delicious
Kinme Rice

We also place great importance on our rice. We uses kinmemai rice, which has been refined using rice polishing technology that preserves the nutrients and flavor of unmilled brown rice. Enjoy the natural flavor and sweetness of this rice, which has retained more of its nutritional properties than white rice.

Mixed grain rice,
a perfect match for Kyoto obanzai.

Mixed grain rice

In addition to kinmemai rice, we also offer healthy mixed grain rice bursting with plenty of vitamins, minerals, and fiber. The light dashi flavor and Kyoto obanzai go perfectly together. They are particularly popular with those who value a healthy food lifestyle.

Japanese-style egg rolls covered in a thick starchy sauce

Customers pour kudzu sauce over their hand-rolled egg themselves, adding a touch of fun. The fluffy egg and thick sauce complement each other perfectly in this Kyoto-style dish.

We value fresh, seasonal dishes, which we prepare in line with our seasonal stock.

Kyoto's classic hot soba noodles
and a wide range of popular curry soba noodles.

Hot soba noodles

Since Kyoto is located inland, the people here traditionally created dishes using dry goods such as kelp and herring, which were transported by cargo ships. Nishin soba (buckwheat noodles topped with broiled herring) first appeared in the Meiji Period (1868-1912) and became known as one of Kyoto’s specialties. Enjoy the fruits of Kyoto’s ancestral wisdom and ingenuity.

Curry soba noodles

In addition to the classic hot soba noodles, we also offer curry soba noodles prepared with dashi. We particularly recommend this dish for children and guests who want to try something a little different during their stay.

Original sandwiches
for whatever mood you're in

Choose from about 10 different kinds of ingredients that change daily, including Western-style deli items and fresh seasonal vegetables. Put your preferred ingredients between slices of our freshly baked bread, and your original sandwich is complete.

Enjoy our lineup of bread baked freshly in house. The delicious smell of our baguettes, natural yeast bread, croissants and other baked goods are sure to stir up your appetite. In addition to jam and butter, we also offer a variety of sandwich dips, including pickle, mustard and tuna.

Start your morning with a delicious
Western-stye deli.

Choose from a rich lineup of Western-style deli items, including fresh salads made with seasonal vegetables, lemon chicken sauté, fries, pumpkin poached eggs and much more. The lemon chicken sauté can also be enjoyed as a sandwich ingredient. We also offer a variety of other menu items perfect for those who prefer a more thorough morning meal, including tandoori chicken, vegetable croquettes and pot-au-feu.

coffee and sweets.

Once the coffee is brewed, it goes into our special coffee machine. Choose your preferred design, from Kyoto-like illustrations of maiko apprentices to a simple 'happy birthday' message. Enjoy a unique café visit where you can make your own latte art.

In addition to a variety of fruits to enrich your dining choices, we also provide a full lineup of sweets such as matcha jello and Italian-style 'Macedonia' fruit punch.

Look out over the garden

The greatest charm of Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Sanjo's restaurant is the refreshing view of the garden, where the invigorating morning sunlight pours in as you enjoy your breakfast. We have recreated the remains of a Heian-period garden excavated on the hotel grounds, crafting a historic landscape that is unique to Kyoto. Enjoy a leisurely breakfast as you look out at the atmospheric garden.

Add color to your Kyoto mornings.

Chef : Shinichi Sasaki

Enjoy your morning meal while looking out over the restaurant's garden. All of our kitchen and floor staff are here to welcome you. We want every guest to enjoy Kyoto cuisine to their heart's content, each meal prepared to meet every individual's taste.

※Contents of the dishes as they appear in these images may vary depending on availability of ingredients and other factors.

80, Mikura-cho, Nishiiru, Karasuma, Sanjo-dori, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto, 604-8166

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