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Will you keep my luggage before check-in or after check-out?
Yes, we will. If you arrive early, we will store the luggage at the front desk. We can also do so after check out. Please feel free to ask one of our staff. (However, we can’t keep any valuable items)
Can I send my luggage prior to check-in?

If you have made arrangements with us in advance, then we can store luggage you send us until check in except for any food items, valuables and dangerous items. Please be sure to indicate your check in date, the full name of the guest and send to the following address.

Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka Premier
3-4-15 Nakanoshima Kita-ku Osaka city Osaka 530-0005
TEL: 06-6444-1131

Home deliver service
We offer home delivery services at the front desk. We can also offer packaging materials for a fee. Please ask one of our staff.
What are your check-in and check-out time?
The check in time is 3pm, and check out time is 11am.
Do I need the reservation for the shuttle bus??

Shuttle bus is based on the first come, and first serve.
Please see the following website for more details

Access Map

Guide dogs and service dogs
You may stay with your guide dog / service dog. All facilities including restaurants can be used with your guide dog / service dog. Please let us know in advance.
Can pets stay with me?
We do not allow pets to stay at the hotel. We do, however, allow guide dogs, service dogs and hearing assistant dogs to stay. Please let us know in advance.
Do you rent wheel chairs?
Yes, we do. They are free of charge. Please let us know at the front desk. Wheel chair can be used inside our facilities.
The number of wheel chairs is limited. Please let us know in advance if you need one.
Can my child sleep together on my bed?
We will permit your child to sleep together if your child is twelve years old or younger. Please bring his/her toothbrush and night wear, etc.
Do you have extra space in your refrigerator?
There is a complimentary bottle of water (one for each person) in your refrigerator. You may store your own items there.
Are there vending machines / ice machines?
There are vending machines and ice machines on each floor. You can find ice bucket in your room.
Is there a curfew?
There are no curfews. The front desk is available 24 hours. Please let us know in advance if your arrival is going to be considerably later than scheduled.
How will early check-in or late check-out affect my rates?

For early check-in

Normal check in time is 3pm. Depending on the status of your room, we may allow you to check in a little earlier than 3pm. However, if you need to guarantee early check in before 3pm, we will ask you for surcharges.

For late check-out

Normal check out time is 11am. Depending on the occupancy of the hotel, we may allow you to check out later than 11am for a surcharge stated below.

  • Until 3pm・・・・・30% of room fee
  • Until 6pm・・・・・50% of room fee
  • After 6pm・・・・・100% of room fee

(Note: These surcharges will be applied on top of the full fare.)

Are there nonsmoking rooms?
Yes, there are. Approximately 90% of the rooms are nonsmoking. If a nonsmoking room is not available on the date of your choices, we will refresh the room with an air freshener. Please contact us in advance. Deodorants are placed in all of the rooms.
Do you have spare keys to my room?

We issue one room key per person.

Can I use the Internet for work?

Wired LAN Internet / Wireless Internet can be used free of charge in all of our rooms. (LAN cables are available at the front desk)
Please note that our Internet service does not guarantee connection for all guests. Some PCs may not connect depending on the settings.

How early can reservations be made?
Reservation can be made approximately six months in advance via the Internet, and approximately one year in advance via telephone. All other inquires including group reservations should be addressed directly to the hotel by telephone.
Can I invite non-staying guests to my room?
We are sorry but we cannot allow you to invite non-staying guests to your room. Please use the public area to meet with non-staying guests.
Are taxes not included in the room fees?
The room fee includes consumption tax. There are no service fees.
Do you exchange currencies?
We can only exchange US dollars to Japanese Yen at the front desk.
Is there a waitlist?
We are sorry but we do not have a waitlist. The status of reservations change daily so please check our website.
Tell us about your cancellation policies.
For direct reservations and reservations made via our website, cancellation charges are applied as follows: 20% of full fare of room for cancelling one day before your stay, 80% of full fare of room for cancelling on the day of your stay, and 100% for no-shows.
Please contact to the travel agents for cancellation of reservation arranged via travel agents.
Are baby beds available?
Yes, but the number of baby beds is limited. Please call in advance.
How are valuables kept at the hotel?
Please use the safety box in your room to store your valuables.
Are there convenience stores nearby?
Yes, there is about 1 minutes walking distance.
Please tell me what you offer for breakfast.

Breakfast is served at the restaurant “Hakatarou” on the 2F.
Service Hours: 6:30am to 10am (Last entry 9:30am)
Fee: 2,200 yen (tax included)
Japanese & Western buffet (mostly Japanese menu)

Do I need the reservation for breakfast?
You don’t need the reservation for breakfast. Please go directly to the restaurant.
What amenity items you have in the room?
We have shampoo, conditioner, body soap, face/hand soap, tea sets, mineral water, coffee, face towel, bath towel, slippers, night wear, toothbrush, razor, hair brush, Q-tips, shower cup, cotton, hair dryer.
Are there large public bath?

Yes, we have a large public bath on the 16F (GARDEN SPA). This is only for staying guest as free of charge. Open hour is 3pm~1am, 6am~9am.
Please note that we don’t set up the towel, so please bring from your room.

Do you have rental PCs?
Yes, we have. The charges will be 1100JPY per night. Please ask to front desk.
Do you have a laundry service?
Yes. Please fill out the form and bring down to the front desk by 10am. It will be delivered to your room by 6pm.
Do you have a room service?
We are sorry but we don’t have a room service.
Do you have a gym / swimming pool?
We are sorry but we don’t have that services.
Please tell me the rental items.
We have iron, ironing board, trouser press, sewing kit, blanket, thermometer, fork, knife, spoon, dishes, wine opener, and wine cooler. Please ask to front desk.
Will you be able to accommodate special occasions such as birthday and anniversary during the stay with birthday cakes or flowers?
We shall make every effort to accommodate your needs. Please contact to the hotel directly.
About general household medicines at the hotel
In line with the provisions outlined in Article 24 of the Pharmaceutical Affairs Act, we do not provide medicines.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience, but ask that guests prepare any medicines they may require in advance of their stay. There is a hospital and drug store nearby, so please do not hesistate to ask at the front desk for more information if needed.
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