Mitsui Garden Hotel Osaka premier


Nakanoshima is incredibly convenient
at the heart of the water capital, Osaka.
This special hotel soars over the waterfront.
Just one step from the river’s edge is a garden
and the upper floors provide a lounge space for you
to gaze upon the heart of Osaka.
Take a moment to feel completely at home while admiring the glittering water and sparkling city.
We'll provide you with a luxuriating stay that
lets the hours slip by.


In the center of Osaka, the waterfront of Nakanoshima glitters with its rich history.

With day-to-day changes, you'll casually encounter
the latest news and freshest cultural trends in the heart of Osaka.

02Public Space

We've prepared a unique space, called Garden & Sky, where we've captured the colors of the seasons and reach for the city's sky.

We welcome travelers with our lush, green garden view
that will put your heart at ease.
On the 16th floor lounge, you'll have commanding views
of the water scenery with our spirit-freeing Sky View.

Whether it’s the morning light glittering on the water's surface,
or the streetlights at night,
you'll enjoy them to the fullest while savoring
our Kyushu-style flavors
at the Seasons of Kyushu: Hakatarou.


Dive into tranquility while relaxing at our private residence, the radiance of the city and sparkling water providing top quality views.

We've monopolized the sights of flickering street lights
and glittering water,
so you'll never get tired of the scenery here.

Our focus isn't just on spaciousness.
We pay attention to the finer details too, increasing the hours you can spend comfortably.

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