Mitsui Garden Hotel Nihonbashi Premier


Nihonbashi: the start of the Edo Five Routes!
This starting point in Tokyo has been joining tradition and reform since the Edo Period.
Modern Japanese culture has a chic atmosphere that blooms from a diverse gathering of people, things, and ideas.
As you immerse yourself in this rich culture,
enjoy an indulgent moment that stimulates all five senses.


Nihonbashi: the start of the Edo Five Routes! Our "entrance to time" connects modern Tokyo to historical Edo.

Nihonbashi prospered as an area of water transport,
making it ideal for the Edo Five Routes.
Tradition has evolved to keep up with the times,
and today it continues to be a lovely district with new charms.

02Public Space

Luxuriate in an "enjoyable time in perpetuity" by nearing this land's history and the feelings of today.

While looking out over the Nihonbashi of today,
appreciate the flavors that have built up over the years

Encounter the taste of tradition and reform
just behind the shop curtain
at Nihonbashi ASADA.


Savor a new kind of sojourn by traveling with your senses with art that recolors the atmosphere again and again.

From the entrance to our guest rooms,
the premises have been assorted to guide you
using water as the recurring art theme.

The artwork takes inspiration from
the Nihonbashi River and boats,
with occasional visuals changing to flicker
like the surface of water.

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