Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo


Ginza, the district of intertwining progress and tradition.
This hotel's location is in the heart of a district
sought after by many.
We naturally focus on peace and quiet,
but our spaces also include the more subtle details
of elegance and refinement.
We'll guide you to sophisticated relaxation that will help your sojourn stimulate all five senses.
You'll be satisfied with your time in Ginza
at our unique location.


Discover the true Ginza within Ginza, an intersection of time and culture.

To the east is the kabuki theater, to the west is Ginza's 4-chome.
You'll have a special seat to enjoy the Ginza area to the fullest.

02Public Space

Despite being in the center of this megalopolis, you'll still feel you're in a sublimely private location that weaves tradition and the latest of Japanese culture together.

Our reception takes the core concept of
Zen-style gardens in an Asian minimalist design.
Our spaces will bring you the experience of Ginza's past, present, and future.

Enter our guest rooms and you'll discover
the floors are illuminated with a rippling light.
We'll lead you to quiet as you're welcomed
by inspiring artwork that will make your heart soar.


Your stay will be wrapped in radiance with a bit of elbowroom as you look out at the symbol of Ginza.

In the middle of quiet hours that'll make you believe
you aren't in the center of Ginza,
take a moment to appreciate sights
that have been called the symbol of Ginza.

Intensify your stay with a deep beauty you can experience daily
while you enjoy our spaces and commodities
decorated with traditional Kanazawa gold leaf
in our Hakuza Gold Leaf Room.

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