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Is there a parking lot?
There is no parking lot. Please use public transportation when you come to the hotel.
When can I make the earliest reservation?
You can reserve a room up to 6 months in advance online, or up to one year in advance if you reserve by phone. If you have any questions about schedules, or you would like to book for a group, please contact the hotel by phone.
How much is the cancellation fee?
If you made a reservation on our official website or by phone, we charge 20% of your room fee if you cancel the day before your stay, and 80% for cancellations on the same day of your stay. We charge 100% of the fee if you are a no-show with no advanced notification. If you reserved your room via a travel agency, please contact them about your cancellation.
Do you have a cancellation waiting list?
Unfortunately, we do not offer a cancellation waiting list. Please contact us directly for available rooms or check our official website.
What are the fees for early check-ins and late check outs?

If checking in early

Check-in starts at 3 p.m., but if you would like to check in beforehand, we will reserve a room for an additional day, with an extra fee (100% of the regular room price).

If checking out late

Check out by 11 am. If the room is available for an extension and you would like to check out later, we will charge an additional fee.
until 3 pm・・・・・30% of room charge
until 6 pm・・・・・50% of room charge
after 6 pm・・・・・100% of room charge
(Note: This is an additional charge to the regular room fee)

Can I co-sleep with my children?
We will permit your child to sleep together if your child is twelve years old or younger. Please bring his/her toothbrush and night wear, etc.
Do you have any accessible room?
We have one accessible room. (the bathroom and toilet are in the same area)
What time is the check-in/check-out?
Check-in starts at 3 pm and check-out is at 11 am.
Can I send my luggage prior to check-in?
After contacting us in advance, we will be happy to keep your sent-ahead luggage until check-in, but please note that we do not accept valuables, food, dangerous goods, refrigerated items, or frozen items. Please fill in your name and send it to the following address (packages sent cash-on-delivery cannot be accepted).
In addition, we will not be able to accept your package if the package name and the reservation name are different, or if the name is unknown.

620,Teianmaeno-cho,Shijo-sagaru,Teramachi-dori, Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto, 600-8031
Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Kawaramachi Jokyoji Front
(Day and month of stay, name)
TEL +81-75-354-1131
Is there a curfew?
There is no curfew. The reception desk is staffed 24/7, but please inform us if you are planning to arrive significantly later than the originally stated arrival time. (Since we lock the entrance after midnight, please call on the intercom if you arrive after 12 p.m. The guests staying at the hotel can unlock the entrace with their card key.)
Can the hotel store my luggage before I check-in, or after I check out?
Yes. Guests arriving before the check-in time can store their luggage with us. Those wishing to leave their luggage with us after check-out may also do so, but please make sure to pick your luggage up on the same day. (We do not store valuables, refrigerated or frozen products, or any dangerous items.)
May I bring a pet?
Unfortunately, we do not allow pets to stay in our hotel.
Regarding guide dogs and service dogs
Guide dogs, service dogs, hearing assistant dogs are welcome. Please contact us in advance so we can accommodate your needs.
Regarding mobile phone chargers
We have multi-mobile phone chargers in every room.
Can I use the internet in the hotel?
Wi-fi is available in all guest rooms, restaurants, and in the lobby.
*Please note that we cannot guarantee internet connection for all customers. Depending on guests' computer settings, internet connection may not be possible.
Do you rent out computers?
We are very sorry but we do not lend any computers.
Is there a spare key?
There is only one room key per person.
I would like to know about the safety of my valuable items.
Please put your valuables in the safe in your room.
Is there a smoking area?
All guest rooms are non-smoking rooms. Please use the smoking area located on the 4st floor.
Is there a vending machine/ice machine in the hotel?
Vending machines are located on the 3th floor. Ice machine is located on the 6th floor.
Do you offer room service ?
Unfortunately, there is no room service available.
Do you offer a laundry service?
Unfortunately, there is no laundry service available.
Is there a delivery service?
A delivery service is available from the front desk. Packing materials (additional charge) are also available, please ask the front desk staff.
Is there a laundromat ?
Unfortunately, there is no laundromat available.
Are there fitness (gym/pool) facilities and meeting rooms?
Unfortunately, we do not have fitness facilities or meeting rooms.
Is there a public/shared bath?
The public/shared bath is located on the 2nd floor.
Can I invite outside guests into my room?
Guests who are not staying at the hotel are not allowed to go up to the guest rooms. Please use the lobby floor for social visits.
Is there a baby cot (children's bed)?
We do have baby cots. However, as there are limited numbers, please be sure to contact the hotel in advance.
I would like to know about the hotel's breakfast.
Breakfast is served at "Sanga-Ono-Kyoto Jyokyoji" on the 2nd floor.
Business hours: 6:30 - 11:00 (last entry at 10:30)
Cost: 2,000 yen (including tax)
Type of dining:We serve plate-style menus, the main dishes are "Sanga Chirashi (scattered sushi)", "Eel and beaten egg", "Eel and steamed turnip", "Tempura and Sea bream with boiled rice soaked with tea".
※ Some menus may be out of stock depending on the time.
Can I make a reservation for breakfast?
Breakfast is served without advance reservation. We may ask you to wait depending on the congestion status of restaurant.
Can I wear my nightwear and slippers inside the restaurant?
We are very sorry, but we do not allow nightwear or slippers inside the restaurant.
Is there a convenience store nearby?
There are several convenience stores near the hotel. Please ask the front desk for guidance.
What should I do if I forget something or leave something behind in the room?
Any belongings left inside the hotel or a room are stored for 3 months. To ensure protection of personal information, we can only discuss the matter with the person who stayed at the hotel. Should more than 3 months pass, the item(s) will be handled according to local laws and regulations. Raw items, food, and drink will be disposed of the same day for safety and hygiene reasons. *Shipping fee of left behind items will be paid by the guest. *If we find any personal belongings we will not contact you in order to protect your personal information.
Can I make a request to stay on a higher floor?
Guest rooms are located between the 2nd and 9th floors. We are happy to accept your request, but please note that we may not be able to make it, depending on hotel occupancy at the time.
Please tell me about the baggage service.
Please check the information on the hotel's website or contact the hotel directly.
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