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A perfectly situated hotel in the center of Ginza, overlooking the iconic Kabukiza Theatre!

The hotel is located near Ginza 4-chome crossing, the center of fashionable Ginza. The hotel's unique location offers a number of guest rooms with views of the Kabukiza Theatre – an icon of Ginza and Japanese culture. Guests can easily enjoy the unique atmosphere of Ginza, which presents both traditional Japanese culture and innovations in the spirit of Western culture.

The "Millennium" hotel brand, with properties in 24 countries worldwide, is introduced to Japan for the first time!

The "Millennium" hotel brand identifies deluxe properties in 24 countries worldwide, and is part of "Millennium & Copthorne Hotels" under the Singapore-based Hong Leong Group. Mitsui Garden Hotels is proud to introduce the first "Millennium"-branded hotel in Japan – "Millennium x Mitsui" brings a new quality of hotel to Japan.

The open-weave design of the hotel exterior represents the Japanese spirit of Ginza

The exterior design of Millennium Mitsui Garden Hotel Tokyo presents a woven image of Ginza's past, present and future. Masahide Ishikawa, a Japanese architect known for his work on "Ginza Kojun Building" and "Mitsui Garden Hotel Kyoto Shinmachi Bettei," has used a modern form to express the spirit ("iki") of old Edo which Ginza has inherited.

A modern interior with an innovative image created by Asian designers

The interior of the hotel, including the guest rooms, was designed by the Hong Kong-based company CL3, which has worked on world-famous architecture projects and is an award-winning interior design firm that creates innovative architecture and interior design. The hotel's interior reflects "iki" (esprit/spirit) in modern spaces in a superb manner. The lobby features a magnificent work that expresses the essence of Japan and the sense of "traditions updated" and "novel" by Jotaro Saito, well-known as a leading contemporary kimono designer. This is Ginza, which goes beyond traditional ideas and introduces new trends to the world.

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